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#StoryFriday is a fun, collaborative process that takes place every Friday on Twitter and is hosted by Writer’s Digest‘s Online Editor Brian A. Klems (@BrianKlems).

How it works:
We write the first line on Twitter, then someone adds next line on Twitter and so on. When you contribute a line to the story, place #storyfriday at the end of your tweet (i.e., He was leaving on a jet plane and never coming back. #storyfriday) so everyone can read it and follow along. To read past stories, visit the #StoryFriday Archive below.

Start time:
Around 9:30 a.m. Eastern time, Brian will post a new prompt through @WriterDigest with the #storyfriday hashtag.

Examples of a few #StoryFriday stories and how they turned out:

13 Responses to About #StoryFriday

  1. RuthieShev says:

    I use Facebook all the time. As a matter of fact, My grown children, grandchildren and I are doing a poem a day challenge on our family writers block page. It is amazing to see the grandkids even doing the poems. We have a lot of fun. My trouble with Twitter is that I have an account but can’t quite get the knack of it. I have a couple things I put on, but am lucky to go there once a month. I do hope you put it here on WD or even on Facebook.

  2. angeladame says:

    how fun this could be, is this still going on this Friday? I’m new here if so I have to try it when I awake 6:30 am it will be here in So. Cal to early for me haha

  3. seingraham says:

    Good Gift

    It’s small and simple
    and quite light
    I forget what
    you decided
    It should be made
    from finally

    I wish we
    had gone ahead
    and patented it;
    A really good idea
    and I wear mine often
    As it’s handy
    Just the way
    you said
    it would be
    When you gave
    it to me

    I remember
    how carefully
    you burned
    the message
    onto the surface
    Before stringing
    it on a leather thong
    and slipping
    it over my

    What could be
    more perfect?
    How often did people
    say, “knock on wood”
    Then spend the next few
    minutes looking
    around for some wood?
    With this pendant…
    I’d always have
    mine handy

  4. Jessica Stevens says:

    I would love to participate but The fact that you have to be a part of a social account is disappointing. If you decide to start hosting the challenge on Writers Digest I’m there!

  5. desiowa says:

    I don’t think so without twitter and Facebook account are very important.But they help to get somethings newer user also.But you should give opportunity without social account.
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  6. LadyBloodMoon says:

    I agree with alot of the others most people have facebook accounts but not twitter acounts and some have neither so lets not exclude anyone just because they don’t have a twitter account or a facebook account this should be foreveryone!

    • I often do a Finish My Sentence Friday, which is a similar creative exercise that is exclusive to Facebook. Check the Writer’s Digest Facebook page on Fridays to see if one is happening! If there’s demand, I’ll start doing it weekly again.

  7. theSkilled says:

    Sounds fun! But this should be available on Facebook as well.

  8. TCormier says:

    Maybe even on Facebook?

  9. addiemac32 says:

    It’s a neat idea – but what about people who don’t have Twitter accounts? There should be a version that can be done on the Writers Digest website itself, through comments or some other way of including wannabe participants who don’t have Twitters

  10. Can’t wait to play. Like a new grown-up version of ‘whispering down the lane.’ Maybe I’ll ask some of the vampires I blog for out at the venerable manor house in Chestnut Hill (like New York’s Riverdale, but in a 135 year old Philadelphia greensward) for ideas……Got to go boil a big pot of spaghetti. They don’t eat it. They just like the rich, warm, starchy aroma……Ah, the ‘life’ of a vampire ‘familiar’………

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