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Our free Writer’s Digest webinars cover everything from finding a literary agent, marketing a memoir, writing a novel, to finding time to write, and more.

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Secrets of Successful Self Publishers

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Learn How to Write Compelling, Authentic Dialogue – “Voices in Your Head”

In all genres, dialogue is an essential component of successful writing—from essays and short stories to novels and memoirs. No matter how intriguing your story or characters are, dialogue that falls flat … Read more

Meet James Scott Bell, Author of Revision and Self-Editing for Publication, 2nd Edition

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Meet Nina Amir, Author of How to Blog a Book

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Meet Jeff Gerke | Writer’s Digest Online Event

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Meet Paula Balzer | Writers Digest Online Event

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Meet Áine Greaney | Writers Digest Online Event

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Writing & Selling Your Memoir

Memoir Webinar

When you think about writing your memoir, making it “marketable” might not be your first priority. You’re probably more focused on prose, structure and voice. While those elements are crucial, in today’s marketplace publishers are looking for writers who can deliver “the total package” – excellent writing combined with a marketable story. Read more