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Your Story 55: The Winners!

Categories: Your Story Competition.

Concert ambiencePrompt: Write the opening sentence (25 words or fewer) to a story based on the photo to the left.

Thanks to everyone who voted in WD’s Your Story #55! Here are the results. The winning entries, in ranking order, are as follows:

1. The wild roar of the crowd pulsed through her entire body, making her even more conscious of the bomb strapped to her torso. (Lydia Searcy)

2. The population of Roanoke lifted their hands through the cloud of debris into the first rays of sunlight their skin had felt in 426 years. (Olivia Coffman)

3. The photo of the victims made no sense—dozens of hands stretched skyward, toward heaven—until Duncan realized he’d been holding it upside down. (William Wood)

4. The curtains opened and the stadium fogged like a winter morning, hiding the fact that I was impersonating a celebrity that died two days earlier. (Bethany Loper)

5. No one quite knew where to start after the floor collapsed in the prosthetics factory. (Chip Houser)

6. Witnesses say the first flash fog occurred in 1895 in Juneau, Alaska, when 200 young people ran out into the -40°F night and collectively exhaled. (Nicole Blackburn)

7. Trying to suffocate zombies only makes them madder. (Gary Chiert)

8. Fear festered in the riders of train 216 as it screeched to an unplanned stop in the Field of Lost Limbs. (G.M. Reinfeldt)

9. As the lights came down and the crowd roared around me, I realized I’d lost a contact lens. (Jaime Liddick)

10. I arrived armed with a cappuccino and a rolling rack of clothes, lifted the industrial door and faced myself with a sea of naked mannequins. (Jenneh Sheetz)


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13 Responses to Your Story 55: The Winners!

  1. Arna says:

    Their hands shook helplessly and hopelessly as the thick smoke smothered them.

  2. Tryptophan says:

    I’m having difficulty voting. There seems to be no circle or submit vote button. All I see are the percentages of the votes. Any thoughts? Thanks

  3. Tannai says:

    Tiffany Luckey,
    How do I vote. There is no circle to the right that allows me to vote. If it’s possibly for me to vote here I’d like to vote for the author who wrote this in response to the photo:

    The photo of the victims made no sense—dozens of hands stretched skyward, toward heaven—until Duncan realized he’d been holding it upside down.

  4. ratchreese1 says:

    How do I vote ?

  5. besco says:

    I submitted the wrong version of mine. Is it possible to make a change and resubmit?

  6. Samuel Pisciotta says:

    I’m new to this, and it’s really fun! Good luck to everyone else and I can’t wait to do more of these.

  7. PGS says:

    Is there a way to read all or most of the posts made to each of the Your Story prompts, including my own? And if so is there then a way to reply to specific posts that we find interesting?

  8. robpawlowicz says:

    So I write a prompt, but how exactly do I submit my 750 word story?

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