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Your Story 50: The Winners!

Categories: Your Story Competition.

Your Story 50 promptPrompt: Write the opening sentence (25 words or fewer) to a story based on the photo to the left.

Thanks to everyone who entered and/or in Your Story 50! Here are the results. The winners in ranking order are as follows:

1. As Mike stood watching, his only thought was: If I’m standing here, who the hell is flying the plane? (Russell Heidorn)

2. As I watched the plane leave with the last of humanity, I knew I was completely on my own. (Amanda Johnson)

3. I don’t know what’s worse about traveling back to the 20th century—flying in a plane or wearing these pants. (Beth Hatcher)

4. Missing his flight was actually the least of Matt’s worries—considering he was only flying to California to break Amelia’s heart. (Megan Cooper)

5. My life wasn’t a ’90s romantic comedy and Homeland Security was always watching, so I didn’t run wildly across the tarmac to stop the plane. (Mirriam Shah)

6. I never thought producing the world’s largest window sticker would be my pinnacle position in life. (Stephanie Groen)

7. Walter realized at that moment why his new home, with its million-dollar view, was obtained for such a preposterously low price. (John Pearson)

8. Tightly gripping her letter and standing beneath his newest addition, John realized his passion for model airplanes had gone too far. (Candace Running)

9. Paul stood in the silent terminal and stared out the window at the plane as it just hung there, neither landing nor taking off. (Dale Long)

10. “We have powers beyond human imagining,” whispered the slender, swaying plants as the craft hung suspended and the traveler, summoned to the window, stared. (Jeffrey Fishbein)


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About Tiffany Luckey

Tiffany Luckey is the associate editor for Writer's Digest and the Writing Community at F+W Media. She runs a TV blog at www.anothertvblog.com.

26 Responses to Your Story 50: The Winners!

  1. imagine says:

    “You must me a forum member to vote; membership is free. Register here.”



  2. AngelHush212 says:

    Could you tell me why when I try to send my entry through comments, it does not show up?

    • We don’t accept entries in the comments section in this post. If you filled out the entry form above, your entry was received via email. If you haven’t submitted your entry via the entry form, feel free to do so, or send it directly to yourstorycontest@fwmedia.com. Please be aware, though, that the deadline is tonight (June 3) at 11:59 pm EST.

  3. Rob says:

    . These photo prompt things are a hoot! Once the brain cells kick in, I can’t help writing several – but therein is the rub & a question: If I submitted more than one entry (I tried to resist & only put in two), which, if either, would be considered? Would I need to submit an email “correction”, as above, to abide by a strict limit?
    . Good magazine, great format & approach for newbies! I’ve got to subscribe! Thanks, and keep up the good work for us!
    . -Rob

  4. laylabelle00 says:

    I submitted my sentence a week or so ago from my digital magazine. It seems to be ahead of the website as far as your story is concerned I also submitted a story for #51. Will these get lost due to timing issues or am I good to go?

  5. laylabelle00 says:

    I entered my sentence a week or so ago from my digital magazine. It seems to be ahead of the website. Will this get lost or will it show up correctly?

  6. dber7372 says:

    As the author of the sentence will I retain all rights and ownership of said sentence?

  7. dber7372 says:

    Who can vote, only WD members?

  8. jamielee3 says:

    This is regarding “Your Story 49″ but I imagine all the stories would follow a general criteria. How many days is the voting window?? In other words, once the finalists are submitted and viewers can vote, how long is it before the voting closes? Thanks for your help.

  9. Dave Bonvillian Jr says:

    Can an entry be more than one sentence as long it’s within the word limit?

  10. jimbob151 says:

    I apparently confused Contest #50 and 25 words or fewer. I have rewritten it to 25 words or fewer. How about a do-over? Retired accountant but not proud of numerical mixups.

  11. Heart2Heart says:

    I marvel, eyes wide, at the winged silver cocoon preparing to rise above life’s clouds, to fulfill dreams, to capture starlight – a one ticket ride.

  12. anonymouse says:

    I got a little ahead of myself after seeing the picture, and wrote an entire short story before reading it was for an opening sentence. I should have known as the pictures are always for opening sentences. Oh well, I thought I did a great job. Now I can’t even get it judged, because I am sure it will not pertain to any future contests.

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